Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop with Admin Access

Windows VPS Hosting Fully Managed 20X Faster

Cheap Windows VPS Offers a reliable and powerful hosting service. Windows VPS hosting provide flexibility and power to host your ASP.NET and ASP websites easily. Furthermore, our self-manage control panel give you opportunity to easily manage windows hosting. Virtual Private Server or VPS allows you to upgrade your website hosting from basic to higher resources. With the help of VPS, you able to host ecommerce, blogs and any other website for online business. Cheap windows vps means a hosting software that Windows OS for providing you hosting environment for website. There are many advances of using Windows OS enable hosting. Furthermore, you able to install desire tools as well. You can install video games, Forex trading software, SEO tools and any other tool that want to use on VPS.

Cheap Windows VPS

Our Windows VPS Server Provide 100% SSD Hosting

Windows VPS Server will be instantly ready and online with our SSD performance. Furthermore, Instant windows VPS Provide Guaranteed better performance, 100% data protection and 99.99% uptime. New versions of windows provide better performance. You able to install any application or can use for hosting purpose. Windows hosting VPS Offer you all the opportunities you are looking for deploying standard dynamic website. The dynamic property of website is very important for these days. Instead of having simple HTML based website consider dynamic website for your business. In this way visitors influences from your website and as a result more traffic on your website. For online business traffic is important factor. More the traffic you have for your website and more the profit you earn.

Best Windows Virtual Server Hosting

Windows Virtual Server Hosting is perfect for those companies who not know about the traffic of their website. There must be good server that able to handle lot of traffic. If you have a plan for creating a website and think your site going to generate a lot of traffic. Best Windows Server Powered by Hyper – V, A latest technology for virtualization. The latest provide you complete control on operating system. Whether if you are new to windows based hosting or want to transfer from shared hosting our, windows OS enable environment is perfect for hosting.

Windows Virtual Server

cheap windows vps

Benefits of using Windows VPS Hosting

Robust Hardware Infrastructure: We provide Powerful Network parts and server. Very helpful for high performance. Our VPS hosting Service is reliable.

Latest Software: We provide latest virtualization technology to our customer. Our software environment provide You Microsoft SQL R2 versions and it provide your flexibility. Furthermore, Our Windows Virtual Server includes, FTP, SQL Express and Other related service. Also, you able to install tools as well on our virtual server according to your need. You can easily install Meta traders, seo tools, games, bots, Microsoft office, Browsers and many more tools.

Patch Management and Monitoring: We offer monthly server administrations plans for ensuring windows server is running always without any issue. Our patch management system make sure optimum server performance. Furthermore, we manage security patches effectively. Also, we provide 24/7 online support. You can also email us for query regarding our service.

Virtualized Environment: Virtualized Environment: Our ultimate choice is Hyper -5 technology. We also use KVM and OpenVZ virtualization as well. We provide state of the Art environment that enable high performance. You able to get optimum performance.

Features of Service

  • Our windows OS provide you windows 2008 R2 Server with 32 and 64 bit, Windows 2003 server, Windows R2 Enterprise and windows 2016.
  • Standard and web edition.
  • Accessible from Remote Desktop
  • Provide wide range of space depending on your needs
  • Wide range of RAM 1 GB to 32 GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free installation of tools
  • Admin access for installing desire tools


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